Eastpointe I – a little bit of Paradise on the Atlantic Ocean
Construction of Eastpointe I was begun in 1974 by Eastpointe Development Company and financed by General Electric Corporation with plans to build three buildings on this site… GE named it Eastpointe because it is the easternmost point in Palm Beach County and the nearest to the Gulf Stream. When the first units were sold at pre-construction prices, they went for around $70,000, and a brand new Cadillac was offered as an incentive. Another incentive was given to any of the GE subsidiary presidents who wanted to purchase a unit in the building at a reduced price. What an attractive inducement for those executives! The building was the winter home to at least three GE presidents in those early years.
At one point in time, television and movie star William Devane was a frequent guest in the building because his wife, Eugenie McCabe Devane was the daughter of the owners of 15D! The Devane’s were polo aficionados, so a trip to Palm Beach in the season was a must, and they were often seen in the building.
And Unit 18D was once owned by a couple, Les and Shirley Jones. Les was an attorney in Maryland, and he and Shirley had two bright yellow Rolls Royces parked in our garage. After they redecorated their unit, it was featured in Architectural Digest. How stunning it was!
Oh, the stories these walls could tell! But we are all so happy to be a part of the glorious history of this wonderful building — hurricanes and all!